The ImageTrend Fire Bridge is a centralized data repository for fire department data. The system seamlessly integrates inspection information, NFIRS reports, pre-planning information, maps and more.

Comprehensive Data

Using ImageTrend’s intuitive data entry structure, the Web-based NFIRS reports and fire inspection forms are designed to increase efficiency while reducing time in data entry.

This secure Web-based system provides for complete and accurate incident reporting with staff and equipment management from anywhere at any time. Administrative efficiencies available at statewide, regional or local levels.

System Login

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Key Features

Fire Inspections
This data collection system allows for storing of building information including inspection and violation tracking. Data entry into the system embraces intuitive flow allowing for streamlined data entry at the station for easy updates and new entries.

Standard and Ad Hoc Reports
Reports turn fire related data into valuable information that is quickly discernible. From the centralized Fire Bridge console authorized users can access all related data for viewing, tracking and reporting. Submit reports via distributed email, file sharing or generate on demand.